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How to Decorate Simply for the Holidays (With Big Impact)

For the best results with your decor, concentrate on these three areas.

When reality sets in, you realize that you still have everyday tasks to complete, as well as holiday parties to attend and host, in addition to decorating your home to resemble a posh department store's display window.

Avoid becoming overloaded. Choose deliberate minimalism. Occasionally, less is more.

Simple decorations can still make a big impression, not the least of which is easing your holiday stress. All you have to do is concentrate on improving three crucial areas of your house.

Target your tree

The easiest place to begin is with your Christmas tree. Make your tree simple and uncomplicated by using monochromatic color schemes. Another choice is to use only neutral hues, which will blend in with any room's existing decor and eliminate the need to worry about balancing a color scheme or where to place trees.

Make your mantel magical

If your house has a fireplace, the mantle is a great location to spread some holiday happiness, but keep it simple. To hang or drape across the top, pick a garland that makes a statement. You can now proceed with placing some candles on the mantel for nighttime lighting.

Top off your table

The holidays are a great time for gathering around the table, entertaining guests, and hosting. Therefore, a lovely garland can serve as a table runner and add seasonal flair to your table. Put a beautiful garland in the middle of your table as the centerpiece, and add candles for atmosphere. Holiday decorating doesn't have to be a pain. Your home will quickly feel magical and holiday-ready if you concentrate on these three areas.

Source: Zillow

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