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Cheap and Simple Tips to Improve Curb

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Improving a property's curb appeal is crucial because every real estate agent is aware of how crucial first impressions are when selling a home.

Unfortunately, not every client has the money to undergo a total outside makeover, but creating the appropriate image doesn't necessarily require spending a lot of money.

Today, we're going to share simple, inexpensive suggestions for improving a property's exterior without having to shell out a lot of money.

TIP #1: Clean up the clutter

Make sure the outside, especially the front, is tidy and clutter-free to increase curb appeal.

This need not entail an immaculate lawn and exorbitant landscaping costs. Instead, the emphasis is on getting rid of any obtrusive or undesirable items and making sure that outside spaces seem tidy and inviting. Otherwise, mess and ugliness may obscure the property's true worth to potential purchasers and discourage them from even scheduling a viewing.

To make things look neat and tidy, take on clutter head-on by raking up fallen leaves, pruning back overgrown plants and trees, clearing walkways and jet-washing patios, and weeding flowerbeds.

All of these tasks are doable on a limited budget since, even if you don't possess a jet wash machine, you can hire one by the day to reduce costs.

TIP #2: Make front doors a focal point

Consider a home's entrance as a movie preview or an appetizer that gives prospective purchasers a sneak peek inside.

To do this, make sure the front entrance is the center of attention and the first thing visitors notice when they arrive.

A fresh coat of paint in a bold color may work wonders when it comes to creating that attention-grabbing doorway that draws purchasers in, all in the name of affordability.

Naturally, the color of the door should stand out, but take care to avoid choosing a flashy color that can put off potential purchasers. The safest color choices are white, cream, gray, and black. Popular front door colors like sage green, dark crimson, and sky blue always work nicely, however, if you want to be a little more bold.

Utilize fresh, matching hardware to finish the design. Paying attention to these minor details, from door handles and house numbers to light fixtures and mounted mailboxes, can provide a sophisticated and attractive finish that entices potential purchasers upon arrival.

TIP #3: Invest in potted plants

Plants can do a lot to improve a property's curb appeal, and with the appropriate selections, you won't have to worry too much about expense.

Symmetrical planters on either side of the front entrance are a cost-effective addition to front porches that immediately provides a sense of grandeur.

Similarly, a vibrant row of flower pots down the sides of walkways and porch steps may add that striking, welcoming touch that buyers would adore. The good news is that these can be moved and used again after the home has been sold.

Other suggestions include putting window boxes filled with a combination of fragrant flowers and herbs. They are ideal for exuding that country, rustic vibe and instantly make a place feel more like a home.

TIP #4: Tackle small repairs

The minor elements matter when you're selling a house, from damaged guttering and loose roof tiles to a shaky paving stone and flaking painting.

For sellers, making renovations to a home they won't be residing in may seem unnecessary. However, these little problems are excellent negotiating tools for purchasers and gradually reduce your client's sale price.

It is worthwhile to persuade customers to spend money fixing exterior problems because of this. One benefit of correcting these problems is that it will long-term preserve the property's integrity. Second, it can greatly improve the home's exterior appeal, removing a potential selling point for potential buyers.

The cost of making repairs before selling a home should provide a reasonable return on investment, whether it be updating patios with some reasonably priced, elegant outdoor tiles or repairing leaking gutters.

TIP #5: Impress with outdoor lighting

It may be worthwhile to emphasize the advantages of investing a small amount of money on this significant design element because many sellers fail to see the value that outdoor lighting can bring to their home.

First off, strategically placed lighting can improve a property's looks, especially during evening viewings.

A well-lit home also offers the idea that a place is secure and safe at night, which can be a major selling feature for some buyers.

Electric cable light installation will unavoidably cost more, particularly in larger houses. However, purchasing inexpensive light fixtures during sales or even employing solar-powered lights can reduce the cost of installing outdoor lighting. To get the most out of solar lights, just make sure they are placed in sunny areas.

TIP #6: Set the scene

You need to make the exterior of the house feel enticing to potential purchasers as well when staging a property. This makes it easier for people to picture themselves residing in the home.

Balconies, porches, and patios may be staged with a few inexpensive accents to spruce up the front of the house and ensure that they receive their due amount of TLC.

Provide cozy chairs and lots of potted plants to make porches feel as welcoming as possible. In order to demonstrate how the area might be used, you can also set up outdoor dining spaces. A dining table and chairs in place (without the cushions), even in bad weather, can aid purchasers in picturing how they would utilize the area.

When selling any property, it's frequently worthwhile to invest a little more time and money to boost the house's curb appeal and secure a higher sale price. You may demonstrate to your clients that they don't need to spend a lot to leave a lasting impression by using these simple, quick, and inexpensive tips.

Sellers can have a significant impact on a budget by making the right upgrades, with an emphasis on subtle but significant cosmetic enhancements.

Source: Real Estate Express Author: Suhayl Laher

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