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Songs to Play at Your Next Open House

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

It should come as no surprise that music has a profound effect on our emotions. Particular songs can motivate individuals to dance, create, or even purchase a property. They can also calm people down during difficult moments. In fact, when Australian researchers looked at how music can affect purchasing choices in 2015, they discovered that the effects can sometimes be rather noticeable.

According to the study, listening to music while making simple decisions like choosing meals from menus or how much money to spend can have an impact. These results might also suggest that playing the appropriate music at your open house could increase the number of homes you sell.

Best Tunes for Your Open House

You should carefully consider the tone of the house, the regional housing market, and the demographics of the prospective buyers when choosing the music for an upcoming open house. Think of the kinds of visitors you could expect at your open house. Do they have small children or are they experienced, educated empty nesters?

For instance, it's preferable to play calm classical music rather than loud rock music when displaying a luxurious family house. You want to make sure to avoid playing any music that can offend people in addition to looking for music that will appeal to your target house buyer. The majority of real estate brokers discovered that instrumental music may foster a relaxed environment and keep everyone satisfied.

When searching for instrumental music or unflinching music, you have many choices, including Billie Holiday or Brazilian jazz. You may even browse through already-created playlists on services like Spotify to see what other people have chosen for real estate open houses and see if it gives you any ideas for your own audio choices.

Where to Play Your Tunes

In addition to creating the ideal playlist for your open house, you should think about where the music will be played. Ask whether you can use the homeowner's surround-sound system during the open house if they have one. If not, concealing speakers around the house and in each room can aid in producing the intended effect.

Additionally, some real estate brokers find it useful to play various songs in various rooms of the house. As people roam throughout the house, keeping the level low enough so that the various tracks don't compete with one another can assist to create a welcoming atmosphere.

No matter how you configure the music player, keep in mind that you don't want the volume to be too loud. Maintain a volume that allows people to hear it clearly without straining, but not so high that they feel they must yell to be heard or that their ability to carry on a conversation is being hampered.

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