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This Front Door Color Could Boost an Offer Price by Almost $6,500

According to a recent Zillow study, there are two paint colors that may wow potential buyers and two that fall short.

Have you ever been looking at homes on Zillow when you notice one with a unique front door? Maybe it's a canary yellow or a new crimson. There's a purpose for your delay, and the seller probably did so in an effort to get your attention.

It may seem insignificant to choose a color for the entrance door, but doing so could increase or decrease the price of the offer you receive. Who knew one decision could be so crucial?

Which shade is therefore most likely to draw customers' attention or encourage them to place a greater bid? It's slate blue, say current and potential homebuyers. The home might sell for more money since this color appeals to more purchasers.

That's accurate. This chalky light blue-gray color was thought to make the entire property more attractive, per a Zillow survey. Recent and potential house purchasers were given photos of front doors painted in one of 11 hues at random in the study, and participants were more inclined to make an offer of about $335,678 on average on a home with slate blue. That is $1,537 more than the mean home value in the US, which is $334,141.

Highest resale price: Black

Consider black very carefully if you want to paint the front door the best color for resale. Yes, the most divisive hue may result in a higher resale price for a house. The appropriate buyer might be willing to spend $6,449 more than the mean U.S. home worth if you painted your front door black.

Not bad for such a small adjustment.

But it's dangerous. Numerous shoppers may also be turned off by the hue. When they first see the house, they could believe it is overly imposing or detracts from the overall appeal of the property.

But if you're ready to accept the chance, the reward can be worthwhile.

Colors to avoid: Pale pink and cement gray

Each everyone is entitled to their own tastes. However, you might want to steer clear of particular front-door paint colors if you're planning to sell your house since you don't want to unintentionally turn off potential buyers.

Yes, that might entail painting your door a color other than white or cement gray.

According to Zillow's analysis, these two hues put off homebuyers, with some saying they made the house look more "shabby looking."

More precisely, participants' scores on painting a door cement gray were the lowest. Pale pink doors might be offered $6,516 less than slate blue or black doors, which is a significant difference.

Even though it seems like such a small adjustment, it's crucial to take the time to think about how your front door serves as a visual message to potential buyers. After all, you want to maximize the amount you can get for the house when you sell it.

Naturally, just because you painted your front door the greatest color doesn't mean you can be sure you'll get the most money when you sell. A buyer's opinion of your home may be skewed by a variety of additional visual elements, such as curb appeal.

*This study included 1,549 people from all around the United States who said they had just purchased a home or planned to in the upcoming two years. BEworks and Zillow conducted this study between May 20 and May 24, 2021. Four different front doors and one of 11 colors were shown to participants at random. The inside of each participant's home was the same.

Source: Zillow

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